Where:     Cedar Valley Nature Trail starting at

                 La Porte City or Evansdale

When:      June 19, 2021

Time:       Registration from 10:00 am to Noon.

                Turn in Poker hand by 1:00 pm

                (Parking lot, Main St and Locust St, La Porte City).

Who:        Preserve the Cedar Valley Nature Trail


A Poker Run Bicycle Ride has been planned by the Preserve the Cedar Valley Nature Trail group in conjunction with the Lion's Club Festival of Trails event in La Porte City on June 19, 2021.  This ride is a fund-raising event for the continuing maintenance and improvements to the Cedar Valley Nature Trail.  The cost of the Poker Ride is $20.00.


During a Poker Run Ride, Riders pick up a playing card at stops along the way to build their poker hand.  At the end of the ride, the Rider will select five cards that will make up the “best” poker hand with the highest-ranking hand winning prize money.

Start time

You can start the Poker Ride between 10:00 am and noon at two different locations.  Riders can choose the short route, which starts and ends in La Porte City or the long route which starts in Evansdale, travels to La Porte City and returns to the starting location.  All Riders need to turn in their poker hand at the parking lot on the corner of Main St and Locust St, La Porte City booth by 1:00 pm.

At the first stop, the Rider will register by completing the registration form and paying the entry fee of $20.00.  The first card will then be drawn and signed.

Poker Ride Routes

Short route, nine miles, stops to pick up cards.                                Activity

Parking lot, Main St and Locust St, La Porte City, IA   Stop 1          Register, Pay ride fee

Wolf Creek Bridge, gazebo                                          Stop 2

McFarlane Park, gazebo outside of park.                    Stop 3

Cedar River bridge, McFarlane Park                                                turn around

Brett Klima Wildlife Area                                              Stop 4          turn around

Tootsies Ice Cream, La Porte City                               Stop 5

Parking lot, Main St and Locust St, La Porte City, IA   Stop 6          Select cards for Poker Hand

Long route, 25 miles, stops to pick up cards.                                    Activity

Cedar Valley Nature Trail, bridge parking lot,               Stop 1          Register, Pay ride fee

          River Road, Evansdale, IA 

Gilbertville Depot                                                          Stop 2

Brett Klima Wildlife Area                                               Stop 3

Wolf Creek Bridge, gazebo                                           Stop 4

Tootsies Ice Cream, La Porte City                                Stop 5

Parking lot, Main St and Locust St, La Porte City, IA    Stop 6         Select cards for Poker hand.


Poker Ride notes

At every stop on the route the Rider will draw the top card from the deck the attendant has.  The Rider can request that the deck be shuffled before drawing the top card from the deck.  Cutting the card deck will be considered a shuffle.  After the first stop, the Rider will be asked to compare the drawn card to the cards the Rider currently has.  If the Rider has a duplicate card, the same suit and face value, the Rider will return the duplicate card to the deck, the deck will be shuffled and the top card drawn by the Rider.  The Rider will again check to make sure it is not a duplicate card.  Once the Rider has a different card, they will sign it and will keep the card until the end of the ride. 

Each Rider will draw up to seven cards during the ride.  Two cards will be drawn at the last stop.  If needed two cards may be drawn from different decks at some stops so that each rider has seven cards at the end.


At the final stop, the Main Street booth, the Rider will show the attendant that all the cards have been signed by the Rider.  The Rider will then select the five cards that will be used for the Poker hand.  The Poker hand cards will be put in an envelope listing their name, with their phone number.  The Poker hand being submitted must also be listed on the envelope.  Any cards not used in the Poker hand must be turned in. 


Official poker hand rankings.

1  Royal Flush

2  Straight Flush

3  Four of a Kind

4  Full House

5  Flush

6  Straight

7  Three of a Kind

8  Two Pair

9  One Pair

10  High Card

Suit ranking,  Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs


Ties will be broken by taking the values of the 5-card hand, where the value is the card number and all face cards are 10 and aces are 15.  The highest total will win. If there is still a tie, then cards will be drawn from the deck and the high card wins. 


For the winning Poker hand the prize money will be $50 or 10% of the receipts whichever is higher. 


Sponsor donated prizes of more than $400 will be awarded by a raffle from the group of riders that turned in poker hands.  In addition, anyone making a donation of $20 will be entered in the raffle.  Prizes include bike tune ups, gift certificates for merchandise and service.  The winners do not need to be present to win.  If winners are not present, prizes will be mailed to the winner.  A check will be written as payment to the winner of the Poker hand.  


Sponsors of the Ride include:

Hall Bicycle Company, 4302 University Avenue Suite E, Cedar Falls (319) 260-2610

Andy’s Bike Shop, 100 E 2nd St Suite 105, Cedar Falls (319) 260-2151

Waterloo Bicycle Works, 316 W 3rd St, Ste 2, Waterloo (319) 830-5631

Bike Tech, 217 Washington St, Cedar Falls, (319) 266-5979

Isle Casino-Hotel Waterloo, 777 Isle of Capri Blvd, Waterloo, IA, 800-THE-ISLE

Cedar Trails Partnership, 6510 Hudson Rd, Cedar Falls, IA 800-845-1955

Cedar Valley Bicycle Collective, 219 West 4th Street, Waterloo (319) 427-2012

Covid-19 and the Ride

  • Any State of Iowa restrictions on gatherings at the time of the event will be followed.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at each stop.


Other notes

  • Young riders will be able to pick up a coloring book and stickers.

  • Riders 21 and older are eligible to play the Poker game and win prizes.

  • Riders under 16 must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older.

  • There is no bike support on the ride.

  • Volunteers at the stops are not eligible to play.


Cedar Valley Nature Trail

Poker Run Bike Ride

La Port City and Evansdale, IA

June 19, 2021

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